Company Culture

Coul Products is your one-stop-shop for all things Amazon. We offer the most unique and innovative solutions to explode, and automate your Amazon business. Our flagship service is our Co-Pilot product launch service.

We pride ourselves on being a smaller Boutique Agency. Meaning that our business and services are provided by true experts only. There is no outsourcing to speak of. It's true we are not cheap to work with, but you can be assured you're going to be provided the best service/training around.

Key advantages to working with us:

  1. Royal Treatment: YOU get to work directly with the founders.
  2. Flexibility: We work with YOU in a totally customized manner catered to YOUR specific needs. This allows us to be far more creative and get better results for you.
  3. Honesty: We know exactly what we are, and what we are not. We don’t have a huge team (on purpose). We don’t spend all our time posting how good we are on social media. We are people who simply get results consistently. Each client we take on is treated like family and we sincerely take our client results personally.
  4. All-In: If it wasn’t stated previously… we are picky about who we bring on board. You must apply to work with us. Not because we are above anyone, or people are not “worthy” of us… Because we only take on people who we know 100%  for a fact that we can 2-5x their investment in short order.